Church History

Our Church has a unique history of growth and development. 

In 1899, a very small group of people began holding a prayer meeting in homes.  The small group could not predict that this was to be the beginning of a very strong institution.  Little did they realize that from these weekly prayer meetings would emerge what is known now as the Pleasant Zion Baptist Church.  They knew that they would need a leader.  They elected Reverend Edward Freeman as their pastor.  Reverend Freeman and the members immediately found a place in which to worship.  They searched and discovered the perfect place to move "Popular Heights".  Pleasant Zion Baptist Church was incorporated by the State of Maryland, May 14, 1890, with five men known as trustees, they were:  Reverend Edward Freeman, Silas Nathan, Solomon Little, Henry Jackson, and William Venable.
Ministers in those days were:  Reverend William Cave, Reverend Arthur Rohne,  Reverend Holmes, Reverend Robinson, Reverend Mathew Wilkerson , Reverend Joseph Culp, and Reverend Linwood Perrin. Under the leadership of Reverend Perrin, the church was remolded in 1967.  His life expired unexpectedly.  Bereaved by the death of Reverend Perrin, the officers of Pleasant Zion saw that the people had increasingly scattered and declined spiritually. 

They elected Reverend James B. Gray, Jr. as pastor on January 9, 1971.  Pastor Gray began his pastorate with 17 members. 

Because of the condition of the building, the church was paneled and new pews were put in.  In 1976, the Christian Educational Center was added.  The church membership grew and with faith Pastor Gray stat that it was necessary to build a new church.  The officers and members began worshiping a the Christian Academy, Edgemere, Maryland.  The membership continued to increase during our worship there.  On October 26, 1986, the new church was erected.

In the year of 2000, Pastor Gray had a vision of a new fellowship hall.  The building was dedicated on September 21, 2002. 
To save souls by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching, and witnessing. Matthew 28.19-20